Statistics Consulting for students & companies

Our statistics advice for students and companies, we offer nationwide and also for EU countries. Here, on our website, students, doctoral students, and companies receive highly customized statistics advice. Several thousand students and doctoral students have already taken advantage of our statistics advice for an empirical bachelor thesis, master thesis, homework, diploma thesis or dissertation. Our advisory team supports statistics consulting SPSS, R, Stata, Excel and other online survey and statistics tools as well as various software.

We also offer our statistics consulting for companies and institutes. This includes, for example, topics such as hospital studies, the collection and statistical analysis of employee data or of marketing and sales data. No matter where in the statistical process help is needed, our team will help you. Incidentally, our statistics consulting can be done either in English or German. This allows us to advise international teams on statistical issues. Finally, for a statistic consultancy with R, SPSS or Stata, companies often lack the experts.

Statistics Counseling for students and doctoral students

Students and PhD students book our statistics consultation for empirical bachelor theses, diploma theses, master theses, theses and dissertations. With our statistics consulting we support for example Stata, R, SPSS software as well as Excel as statistical software.

What you can expect from our statistics consulting? We advise you from the formulation of the hypotheses, the data collection, statistical data analysis to the final interpretation and visualization of the statistical tests and data.

Which departments support our statistics consulting? With our more than 70-strong team, we support statistics consulting in pharmacy, economics (economics, economics), psychology, medicine, educational science, engineering, natural sciences (chemistry, biology, physics) and social sciences.

You need advice and help in conducting online surveys? We support and advise you on the concept and the creation of online surveys, for example with LimeSurvey, SurveyMonkey or Unipark. Time pressure? For a very fast help we recommend our express statistics advice! Our experts are happy to support you with our statistics service!

Statistics Consulting for SPSS, R, Stata and Excel

We offer our statistics consulting for and with SPSS, R, Stata and Excel. For our statistics consultants, it does not matter whether your collected data should be statistically evaluated with Stata, R program, SPSS or Excel. Each of our experts has practical experience in at least one of the mentioned statistical software.

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With our over 70 statisticians we cover all departments. So we offer our statistics consulting for medicine, psychology, social sciences, education, pharmacy, economics and science. We advise students and Ph.D. students on the research question, the formulation of hypotheses, the compilation and execution of surveys (including online surveys), data collection and adjustment, the necessary analysis procedures, visualization and interpretation of data and results.