Statistics Consulting for companies and authorities

Our statistics consulting for companies, authorities and institutes is becoming more and more popular. We offer your company competent advice on the subject of statistics. The application examples are varied and include, among other things, master data analyzes, big data analyzes and employee surveys.

Our statistical consulting for companies offers you solutions to countless challenges. Among other things, we define goals of your empirical project together with you. In the same way, we help you with high-quality data, prepared with any standard statistical software such as SPSS, Excel, Stata or R. Through our support in the visualization of your results with the help of diagrams and graphics, you can present your results highly motivated in meetings.

For a first rough estimate of the effort and thus the cost, it is sufficient if you use the inquiry form to explain roughly what type of problem you are dealing with. We will then be able to give you a rough orientation. Of course, there are no costs for the company or the institution for which you are working!

Statistics Consulting supports data mining

Often the collection of suitable raw data in the business environment is demanding. Even more important in the next step is the derivation of statements. No matter what problem you have, we are the right contact person. In this regard, the statistics consultancy supports you with all questions about data mining.

Conduct employee surveys

The analysis of employee data is very demanding. There are also special potentials for your company in the data. Our statistical consulting for companies assists you to achieve high-quality results. We pay special attention to the privacy of your employees. Ultimately, you can thus evaluate your leadership behavior and adjust if necessary.

Statistics Advice on the collection of consumer data

You want to target your products? You want to use your customer data more meaningfully? Statistics consulting with SPSS and Excel as well as R and MatLab will help you to identify the segments. So nothing stands in the way of your successful sales strategy!

Clinical and Pharmaceutical Studies

Statistics consulting for companies offers you in-depth knowledge of studies in the medical sector. For this we discuss together with you suitable ways of data collection. In addition, we provide support in their evaluation. With us you are on the safe side! The statistical consulting with SPSS and Excel as well as R and MatLab also include the visualization of the data.

Statistical Consulting for Machine Learning

Many companies are increasingly dealing with machine learning. Surely your company can benefit from automation! Our statistical consulting for companies supports you in choosing suitable systems. To do this we jointly program models that can learn independently.

Understand big data and make decisions from it

Big data – large, complex data volumes – require special expertise in the evaluation. Thanks to our many years of experience, our statistical consulting for big data analyzes can provide you with comprehensive assistance. For example, together with you, we derive decisions from big data.

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