Statistics Consulting – from the research question to the hypothesis

Especially the start is not only difficult, but also decisive for the quality. With our statistics consultation for the empirical bachelor thesis, master thesis, housework or dissertation you receive support with your topic finding, the research question as well as with the derivation of hypotheses. Only with a suitable focus can good results be achieved!

Statistics Consulting – planning phase and creation of the questionnaire

In the step of the experiment planning you can help our statistics consulting your bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation with the appropriate research design. Your question and hypothesis always in view, we grab you here also under the arms. We can also give you a particularly great help in the implementation of online questionnaires. There are many things to consider that can affect your data quality! In addition, we have experience in statistics consulting with LimeSurvey, SurveyMonkey and Unipark.

Statistics Consulting for data analysis for students and doctoral students

As soon as your data is collected, questions arise. How can the data be processed? What else should be considered when evaluating the data? However, our statistics consulting for the bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation deals extensively with your data set. We also give you assistance, what to consider in the following steps. At the same time, we are completely flexible in the software selection and moreover we comply with your specifications. Established programs are all covered in statistics consulting with SPSS and Excel as well as R and MatLab. In the end you will have a record completely tailored to your research question.

Checking your calculations with our statistics consulting

However, if your analysis is already advanced, we also like to check your calculations. The statistical advice for students and doctoral students looks accordingly with a critical eye on your approach. In addition, we optimize your analysis. So you can then interpret your data for the bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation with a clear conscience.

Creation of diagrams for students and doctoral students

Even with graphics, your results can be presented in a short and concise form. The statistics consulting for students and doctoral candidates will help you with the appropriate and clear visualization of your data and results. We adapt to your wishes and, of course, also observe the set standards of your university. With us you can create your diagrams and graphics!

Statistics Consulting for Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis and Dissertation

Your data has been collected, processed, evaluated and we have worked together to develop the interpretations. At this point it comes to the writing of your scientific work. Again, you can help the statistics consulting for the bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation. Above all, we check for consistency, appropriate wording and readability. So nothing stands in the way of a very good grade!

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